Shawn Laidlaw

Shawn is a Biologist and Environmental Scientist specializing in ecosystem and natural history sciences. Shawn received a B.Sc. Biology at the University of Victoria and later an M.Sc. Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and is particularly interested and experienced in this abundant northern Pacific ecosystem. Shawn is also a writer with a passion for science communications.
A white and orange nudibranch against a black background


A sperm whale swimming near the water's surface

Sperm Whale

A young sea lion isolated against a white background

Sea Lion

A Tiger shark swimming near a sandy ocean floor

Tiger Shark

A blue ringed octopus illuminated by a white light against a black background

Blue Ringed Octopus

An illustration of a giant squid

Giant Squid

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel lying in grass with white flowers

Cavalier King Charles

A common peacock with its covert feathers extended


A white bull terrier standing in profile on grass

Bull Terrier

A Saint Bernard dog sitting on the grass with a mountainous backdrop

Saint Bernard