Meet Our Team

Gabe Buckley

Head of Content

Gabe got his Bachelor’s in Zoology, with a minor in Business Administration. He continued on at Colorado State University, one of the leading biology programs in the nation, and obtained a Master’s degree in Professional Natural Sciences.

During graduate school, he worked as a TA for general biology classes. He taught everything from mitosis to PCR, and developed a passion for teaching biology. After school, Gabe started working as a freelance writer and has written for DNA testing companies, non-profit organizations, and has developed curriculum for online biology classes.

Gabe started on as a writer at BiologyDictionary, and he has been writing and editing ever since!

Sarah Knapp

Sr. Writer

Sarah works as an anesthesia nurse in a busy operating theater, but spends most of her free time tutoring high-school students in the three sciences in preparation for medical entrance exams.

She has taken further Open University diplomas in health and natural sciences to increase her knowledge, partially as a career enhancer, partially due to her own personal interest in the subjects of anatomy and physiology. In addition, Sarah translates medical texts prior to publication in various journals, and writes articles on a range of scientific subjects, including pharmacology, microbiology, pathobiology and cell and plant biology.

Sarah likes to make her lessons and articles interesting, without drowning her students and readers in facts and figures. She believes that understanding a scientific concept right from the start saves a lot of time and energy further down the road. We don’t want to waste all that precious ATP on mindless repetition, after all!