Shawn Laidlaw

Shawn Laidlaw
Shawn is a Biologist and Environmental Scientist specializing in ecosystem and natural history sciences. Shawn received a B.Sc. Biology at the University of Victoria and later an M.Sc. Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and is particularly interested and experienced in this abundant northern Pacific ecosystem. Shawn is also a writer with a passion for science communications.
A single bonito isolated on a white backdrop


A skipjack tuna isolated on a white backdrop

Skipjack Tuna

Several bigeye tuna on display at a frozen fish market

Bigeye Tuna

An albacore tuna isolated on a white backdrop

Albacore Tuna

A bluefin tuna swimming in the open ocean

Bluefin Tuna

A yellowfin tuna isolated against a white background

Yellowfin Tuna

A sand dollar test lying on the sand

Sand Dollar

A fin whale clearing its airway viewed from overhead

Fin Whale

A right whale breaching

Right Whale

A great white shark swimming near the water's surface viewed from its ventral side

Great White Shark