Shawn Laidlaw

Shawn Laidlaw
Shawn is a Biologist and Environmental Scientist specializing in ecosystem and natural history sciences. Shawn received a B.Sc. Biology at the University of Victoria and later an M.Sc. Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and is particularly interested and experienced in this abundant northern Pacific ecosystem. Shawn is also a writer with a passion for science communications.
A blue whale swimming at the water's surface viewed from above

Blue Whale

A giant Pacific octopus moving across a sandy substrate

Giant Pacific Octopus

A polar bear wading through its snowy environment

Polar Bear

A saddled yak stands alone in a rocky meadow


An x-ray fish swimming with seagrass in the background

X-Ray Fish

A sea urchin with purple spines on the seafloor


A blue shark suspended in the water column viewed from the side and below

Blue Shark

A large whale shark ascending towards the surface

Whale Shark

A leatherback sea turtle crawling on the beach

Leatherback Sea Turtle

A Sea Otter swimming on its back

Sea Otter