Gabe Buckley

Gabe Buckley is a freelance writer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Gabe received his Master’s degree in Professional Natural Sciences from Colorado State University. His concentration was in Zoo and Aquarium Management, and he wrote his thesis on the modern practices of zoos and aquariums and how they affect conservation efforts. Gabe served as a Teaching Assistant for freshman level Biology at CSU. He currently lives in the mountains, next to the Poudre River. When he isn’t cutting logs, fixing up his cabin, or taking a hike, Gabe spends his time writing for multiple biology projects. Gabe takes many pictures of his mountain man adventures and the beautiful Poudre Canyon.
Pit vipers have pits on their face they use to detect prey, as well as venomous fangs.

Pit Viper

A Spanish Water Dog sits on the shoreline, ready to play in the surf!

Spanish Water Dog

An artist's depiction of the extinct Irish elk shows the giant creature in its natural habitat.

Irish Elk

The woodcock has a long beak, used to dig into dirt and aquatic substates to find small insects.


The Russian Tortoise with its distinctive yellow and black shell.

Russian Tortoise

The water dragon is a species well adapted to the water as a defense mechanism.

Water Dragon

An axis deer buck stands in the forest, with antlers almost 3 feet high.

Axis Deer

A lemon shark swims quietly along the bottom, searching for prey.

Lemon Shark

The Black and Tan Coonhound was the first to be recognized by the UKC.


Camel spiders include a massive array of species in the Order Solifugae.

Camel Spider