Gabe Buckley

Gabe Buckley is a freelance writer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Gabe received his Master’s degree in Professional Natural Sciences from Colorado State University. His concentration was in Zoo and Aquarium Management, and he wrote his thesis on the modern practices of zoos and aquariums and how they affect conservation efforts. Gabe served as a Teaching Assistant for freshman level Biology at CSU. He currently lives in the mountains, next to the Poudre River. When he isn’t cutting logs, fixing up his cabin, or taking a hike, Gabe spends his time writing for multiple biology projects. Gabe takes many pictures of his mountain man adventures and the beautiful Poudre Canyon.
A young cockatiel displays it's unique head crest, a defining feature of cockatiels.


A budgie sits in its owner's hand, eating seeds.


The oscar fish is a common aquarium species native to South America

Oscar Fish

A sable rests on a branch in the canopy, safely out of reach of any predators.


A male zebu typically has very large horns and a prominent back hump.


A moray eel sticks its head out of a hole in the coral.

Moray Eel

A water buffalo seen enjoying an algae-filled pond, a common activity for these creatures.

Water Buffalo

A vicuña poses in the grass plains of the Andes Mountains.


A herd of fallow deer graze, while the buck watches for predators.

Fallow Deer

A goliath birdeater easily fills up a human hand, with the body mostly covering an average palm.

Goliath Birdeater