Kate Latham

Kate completed her BSc at Newcastle University in 2012, where she specialised in the field of cellular and molecular biology. Once graduated, she went on to join the cancer research team at Southampton University, where she studied the influence of genetic variation on response to monoclonal antibody therapy in cancer patients. After a few years of hands-on research, Kate left the lab to pursue an interest in travel and science writing. Today, she enjoys a freelance career as a Biology content provider and produces medical articles and educational materials for websites and companies around the world.
Cells all contain a cell membrane, cytoplasm, and a nucleus

Cell Structure

Cells contain a variety of parts, each with a different function

Cell Parts and Functions

Catabolism and anabolism are both types of metabolic reactions

Anabolism vs. Catabolism

Catabolism is a type of metabolic reaction

Catabolic Reaction

Do protists have cell walls?

Do Protists Have Cell Walls?