Kate Latham

Kate completed her BSc at Newcastle University in 2012, where she specialised in the field of cellular and molecular biology. Once graduated, she went on to join the cancer research team at Southampton University, where she studied the influence of genetic variation on response to monoclonal antibody therapy in cancer patients. After a few years of hands-on research, Kate left the lab to pursue an interest in travel and science writing. Today, she enjoys a freelance career as a Biology content provider and produces medical articles and educational materials for websites and companies around the world.
Leydig cells produce testosterone in the male testes

Leydig Cell

Kupffer cells are important for maintaining healthy liver function

Kupffer Cell

Immune cells are cells of the immune system

Immune Cells

A guard cell is one of a pair of cells that surrounds each stoma

Guard Cell

Ganglion cells are found in the ganglion layer of the retina

Ganglion Cell

Germ cells are stem cells that give rise to gametes

Germ Cell

Fungi cells are the eukaryotic cells of organisms belonging to the fungi kingdom

Fungi Cell

T cell immunity is a key part of the adaptive immune system

T Cell Immunity

Satellite cells are skeletal muscle stem cells

Satellite Cells

Embronic stem cells are pluripotent cells derived from a blastocyst

Embryonic Stem Cells