Kate Latham

Kate Latham
Kate completed her BSc at Newcastle University in 2012, where she specialised in the field of cellular and molecular biology. Once graduated, she went on to join the cancer research team at Southampton University, where she studied the influence of genetic variation on response to monoclonal antibody therapy in cancer patients. After a few years of hands-on research, Kate left the lab to pursue an interest in travel and science writing. Today, she enjoys a freelance career as a Biology content provider and produces medical articles and educational materials for websites and companies around the world.
T helper cells are a key part of the adaptive immune system

Helper T Cell

Ependymal cells make up the ependyma

Ependymal Cell

A haploid cell contains a single set of chromosomes

Haploid Cell

A diploid cell contains a complete set of chromosomes

Diploid Cell

'Cell body' is the name of the spherical part of a nerve cell

Cell Body

Plasma cells (AKA plasma B cells) are the key cells involved in humoral immunity

Plasma Cells

What are the cells of the human brain?

Brain Cells

Cell structures differ between plant and animal cells

Plant vs. Animal Cells

A nerve cell is a basic functional unit of the nervous system

Nerve Cell