Shawn Laidlaw

Shawn is a Biologist and Environmental Scientist specializing in ecosystem and natural history sciences. Shawn received a B.Sc. Biology at the University of Victoria and later an M.Sc. Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and is particularly interested and experienced in this abundant northern Pacific ecosystem. Shawn is also a writer with a passion for science communications.
A Titmouse perched on a branch against a blurry dark background


A German wirehaired pointer outdoors looking out over a lake

German Wirehaired Pointer

Fox terrier against blurry green background with mouth open

Fox Terrier

A Siberian tiger running towards viewer in deep snow

Siberian Tiger

A dark-colored wild boar walking in grass


A blue-colored belton English setter lying down against white backdrop

English Setter

A rhinoceros resting with brown rock in background


A Dugong


A coral snake

Coral Snake

Golden pheasant rendered against a white background

Golden Pheasant