Lindy Whitehouse, Ph.D.

Lindy completed a BSc in Zoology and a master's by research (MRES) at Cardiff and Swansea Universities, respectively, before moving to Canada to continue her education. She received a Ph.D. in 2018 from the University of Regina, where her research focused on the cellular and physiological responses used by fish in response to changing environments. She then went on to complete a postdoc in fish immunology at the University of Waterloo. Her passions include travel and conservation and as such, she is currently spending time in India where she is working as a freelance writer.
A drawing of a Dimetrodon


Two Asian elephants playing in water

Asian Elephant

A cavalier king charles spaniel running with a stick in its mouth


A quagga with its striped head and neck and brown body


An Asian arowana displaying its large red tinged scales


Three Dogue de Bordeaux stood side by side.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Coton de Tulear running

Coton de Tulear

Finnish Lapphund with a black and tan face

Finnish Lapphund

Malinois jumping into the water


A European turtle dove on a branch

Turtle Dove