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Fossil Foldables Bundle (Middle School)

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As a teacher, you have enough on your plate outside of trying to create fantastic lessons and materials for your students. With our incredible foldables, your search is over!

These foldables present the content in an engaging way that utilizes Universal Design for Learning to engage students of all levels. Starting with this engagement, you can focus your energies on keeping students engaged and interested to promote learning.

Plus, with our [free group activity] you can get the whole class involved! Simply print out the instructions to get started!

A Focus on Engagement

Teachers know that an engaged student is a learning student. These foldables are not typical “sit-and-get” activities. Use them to help students collaborate with peers, dive into complex biological problems, and focus on the big picture.

Better Outcomes

With less time spent on the tedious task of designing and laying out activities for your students, you can focus your energy on individualizing learning in your classroom. These worksheets provide a great basis to understand where every student is at. You can use them to find the students who are struggling, and you can expand the activities to push top students to new heights!

How To Use

These foldables are super easy to use! Simply print the foldables with the directions provided, and have students fold and cut where directed. Once a simple piece of paper, these foldables morph into living study guides that can help students explore the many different life cycles within biology.

After you purchase this bundle, simply download the ZIP file. Unzip the file on your computer, and you will have access to all of the printable PDF files inside.

This bundle comes with the Free Group Activity included. Simply print off the instructions along with the foldables to get started!

Bundle and SAVE!

This bundle contains all of the life cycles covered by BiologyDictionary. You can save some serious cash if you buy the whole bundle at once!


These foldable study guides help students understand the fossil record as it pertains to several different animal groups. These products were created using the Next Generation Science Standards and Universal Design for Learning.

Simply download the zipped file, unzip on your computer, and follow the instructions to print in the right orientation. Your students will instantly have a complete and meaningful guide for several different evolutionary histories!

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